Sintering Research

Copper Sintering Development

Intrinsiq materials are continually improving their product to adapt to customer needs, development in sintering techniques for our copper inks and pastes have been ongoing for a variety of options, and although most of our products have processing parameters already proven other techniques are being explored.

Inert atmosphere

We are developing copper pastes that will thermally sinter in an inert gas such as nitrogen, with no need for a reducing atmosphere. As there is no need for a chemical reaction with the gas, buried layers of copper can be sintered. The temperature for sintering is 200-300°C. The technique is particularly suitable for substrates such as glass or ITO, but can be applied to others.


Intrinsiq Materials have developed copper screen pastes that can be sintered simply in air using just heat and pressure, with a press or heated rollers at 200-300°C. This technique is fast (can be less than one second dwell) and low cost. It works particularly well on a paper substrate, but work is in progress to make these suitable for other substrates.

Laser Sintering on PET

Historically it has been difficult to laser sinter copper pastes on PET. However, a recently developed paste has removed this limitation, and can be sintered with good conductivity and adhesion to PET over a range of laser settings. This paste can also adhere to a wide range of other substrates, and gives better conductivity than previously attainable.

Low Temperature Sintering

Oven sintering in a reducing atmosphere continues to give the best properties in terms of conductivity and adhesion at temperatures below 200°C. Intrinsiq Materials is continually working to improve the properties of inks & pastes, improving the properties further, and reducing the required sintering temperature, which enables the use of more substrates. Depending on the material and application sintering temperatures as low as 120-140°C can be achieved.

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