Product Overview

Intrinsiq Materials has developed a range of nanocopper containing inks and pastes which are compatible with a wide variety of substrates and sintering techniques. This allows Intrinsiq Materials to provide products suited to a diverse group of applications. Our core nanocopper based inkjet ink and screen pastes are detailed in the table below, alongside this, we continue to work with our clients to ensure optimal performance is reached for their specific applications through the development of tailored solutions.

Printed copper conductors CP-007 on PET

Commercial Product Table

ProductTypeApplicationDescriptionSintering MethodDownload Datasheet
CF-001Coating FluidCoating fluid for thin copper filmNanocopper seed layer for electroplating on polyimideBroadband flash (photonic sintering) CF-001_Data_Sheet_2017_v1.2
CI-004Nanocopper inkFlex circuitsInkjet ink for polyimide substratesConvection oven with reducing atmosphereCI-004_Data_Sheet_2017_v1.3
CI-005Nanocopper inkOLED, DisplayInkjet ink for ITO & Glass substratesLaser, broadband flash or convection oven with reducing atmosphereCI-005_Data_Sheet_2017_v1.3
CP-005Copper PasteThin Film PV, CIGS, CIS, otherScreen print paste for PV metallisation LaserCP-005_Data_Sheet_2018_v1.1
CP-006Copper PastePCB via fillPasteConvection oven with reducing atmosphereCP-006_Data_Sheet_2018_v1.3
CP-007Copper PasteGeneral purpose high performance screen printScreen print paste for PET FR4, ceramic, fabric, coated glassConvection oven with reducing atmosphereCP-007_Data_Sheet_2018_v1.3
CP-008Copper PasteHigh copper low temperature paste Screen print paste for low temperature substrate PEN, PET, polyimide, coated glassConvection oven with reducing atmosphereCP-008_Data_Sheet_2017_v1.2

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