Our products are designed to be sintered by light pulse (photonically) or thermally in a reduction environment

…for applications where broad area illumination is preferred, the broadband flash system is the preferred technique
…for applications requiring extremely narrow linewidths, sintering on metal substrates, and other specialized energetics, laser sintering may be preferred
…for applications where oven tooling is already in place and the client prefers heat sintering, we have developmental thermally sinterable inks

In addition to our base formulations, we work with clients to develop and customize the best formulation for their needs. Intrinsiq’s design and RD services in nanoparticle design, treatment, formulation, dispensing, and sintering are available to develop a custom solution perfect for each client.

Copper Inkjet Ink

CI-004 & CI005: Intrinsiq’s copper nanoparticle based inks consist of  coated pure copper nanoparticles dispersed in solvent. The specialized coating stabilizes the copper and prevents the ink from agglomorating, ensuring a long shelf life.  Compatible with standard commercially available inkjet equipment, sintered by means of broadband flash or laser, the copper ink deposits and adheres to a variety of substrates including paper, plastic  and glass.

Copper Screen Paste

CP-005 & CP007: Intrinsiq’s specially designed copper pastes blend micron and nano sized particles, rendering an economically feasible copper paste sinterable by light. The unique blend and morphology of our metal particles ensures optimum packing density and interlayer compatibility.

Laser Sintering System

Intrinsiq provides references for  laser sintering systems for lab scale and developmental efforts in applications for which laser sintering is required. Applications requiring very fine lines, significant penetration depth, or sintering on metal substrates may benefit from the use of a laser system. For the purposes of presenting our clients wth the ability to explore tooling options, Intrinsiq has developed relationships with regional laser system providers and is happy to facilitate introductions.

For Americas  and Asia Laser references-

please contact sujatha@intrinsiqmaterials.com

For Europe Laser references-

please contact ianclark@intrinsiqmaterials.com

Substrate Compatibility

Intrinsiq Materials Ink has been deposited on a variety of media including paper, plastic, glass and more.


Advanced Development & Research

Nickel Silicide: Intrinsiq is developing unique NiSi inks that are printed on silicon substrates. Of particular value when printing on ARC layers for Silicon Solar Cells, the NiSi is a lower cost substitute for silver printing.

Silicon Ink: Intrinsiq is developing n and p doped silicon ink that can be deposited in air. The potential for these inks for use in the semiconductor industry is staggering. In addition, Intrinsiq has developed the family of materials to use as compatible contacts.

Intrinsiq is also developing Gravure and Flexographic formulations.