The Cleaner and Greener Way

We are very pleased to offer a technology that is highly functional, cost effective, and also a truly green alternative to an otherwise wasteful industry.

The electronics industry wastes large quantities of precious materials such as gold and silver. Traditional processes call for extensive use of harsh etchants and strong chemicals, and the footprint for manufacturing is immense and power hungry. The inability to quickly respond to changes in demand leaves shelves of overstock. These factors, combined with the ever increasing demand for electronic products, lead to an environmentally untenable situation.

Traditional Approaches

To understand the Intrinsiq Advantage, first look at a traditional electronic manufacturing process (commonly referred to as subtractive processing) for a single layer. Recognize that most devices are many layers (as much as twenty) and this wasteful process repeats, dumping chemical waste into industrial sewers.

Footprint and Energy

Traditional fabrication uses a separate piece of equipment for each step of the process. Equipment such as PECVD machines and others are large and draw significant power. The transport mechanisms are also substantial as they must handle the size and weight of each increasing generation of glass. The result is multi-billion dollar fabrication facilities.

Printing Electronics

Printing electronics with our materials involves placing the material exactly where it is needed, and not wasting or using harsh chemicals to create patterns. This also means avoiding masks that must be created in advance and make it difficult to change production rapidly.  Because the process requires only the printing equipment and curing, the footprint and power usage can drop by 50% or more. Chemical and material usage and waste is reduced by 70%. Finally, since printing without masks is configured on the fly, you build only what you need.