27th June 2018

Press release

Reel-to-Reel (R2R) production runs of FCCL utilizing Intrinsiq’s CF-001 ink.

Following up on last year’s production of flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL), Intrinsiq in partnership with several leaders in their respective industries, has made a R2R run of FCCL based, initially, on polyimide (Kapton).  This FCCL manufacturing technique with ~1.5µm of total copper might be expanded to PET and FR4 at some stage, as well as other substrates, depending on demand.

If you might be interested in discussing potential collaboration with Intrinsiq to explore its applications, commercial potential, and scale-up, please use the  Contact us  page for more information.

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 3rd April 2018

Press release

Intrinsiq Materials Develop Copper Ink for Optomec’s Aerosol Jet Direct Write Print Systems Capable of Achieving 2X Bulk Resistivity.

March 30, 2018: Intrinsiq Materials, an advanced materials company and industry leader in the field of nanomaterial technology, has developed a high performance, production ready nanoparticle copper ink, IMC-2501, for use with Optomec’s Aerosol Jet production scale print systems. The IMC-2501 copper ink has been successfully deployed by several Aerosol Jet customers, achieving printed features of >10 microns in height and less than 75 microns in width. Using Optomec’s shroud-gas-shielded laser system, Aerosol Jet customers have achieved resistivities as low as 2X that of bulk copper.

The IMC-2501 ink is formulated with Intrinsiq Material’s proprietary copper nanoparticles providing extended print stability and excellent substrate adhesion all while printing at ambient temperatures.
To view and download the full press release – Intrinsiq/Optomec – on aerosol jet printing please click here.
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16th March 2018

“The Materials Research Exchange 2018 event attracted over 1300 delegates, 75 speakers and 70 exhibitors. The event was proud to showcase the richness of UK materials research and innovation and provided an ideal opportunity to absorb current trends and future innovations”

Dr. Shavini Wijesuriya of Intrinsiq Materials presented at the Materials Research Exchange event on the 13th March 2018, and exhibited with Mr. Glenn Shackleford, over the 12th – 13th March at Booth 65.

Our conductive copper inks and pastes were of great interest and was discussed with many delegates. Further interest was shown in the capacitive touch sensor demonstrator for the INSPIRED Project, incorporating Intrinsiq’s unique copper conductors, laser patterned by M-Solv, and sensor design by TouchnetiX, all consortium members.  Lord Haskel, Deputy Speaker of House of Lords and whom officially opened MRE2018 also found the unique touch sensor of interest.

The SURFAS project was also discussed with delegates due to the exciting challenge of producing a device for RF Energy Harvesting to power autonomous devices such as smoke alarms and WiFi boosters.

Intrinsiq Materials would like to thank all those whom showed interest in our company, with our conductive copper inks and pastes for printed electronics, potential collaborators and partners, we look forward to hearing from you further, if you have any further information requirements or missed us on the day please Contact us to see how we can help your business or project.


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 5th March 2018

Intrinsiq’s CEO Robert Nead at IPC Apex San Diego – February 2018


 8th Jan 2018

Intrinsiq’s Sales Director Dr Ian Clark at Munich, Berlin IDTechEx  2017


23rd May 2017

Intrinsiq Materials presents at Flex Monterey

A high interest was seen recently at Flex Monterey on June 21st 2017 with Dr Michael Carmody’s topic on “Advancements in printing nano copper based manufacturing processes”.

The conductors II session 12 was well attended, and the presentation was well received by the audience.

Highlights of the talk was additive processing of copper pastes and inks, Molex ASEP Process step with printed copper on stamped components, Ultra-thin copper slot die film processing with NovaCentrix photonic sintering, Flexible low Tg substrate screen printing and sintering utilising Heller industries conveyor ovens as well as Conformal 3D printing by Optomec jetting and laser 808nm sintering.

For the full presentation please download here NextFlex Monterey presentation 2017

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23rd May 2017


Intrinsiq Materials is now a member of the (CPEIA)





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19th May 2017 – Press Release

Ultra-Thin Printed Copper-Clad Polyimide using Photonic Sintering for HDI Applications

May 8, 2017: Rochester, NY: Intrinsiq Materials, Rochester, NY. has partnered with Austin-based NovaCentrix to create a high-performance, low cost, copper-clad polyimide achieved without the use of adhesives or time-consuming sputtering. These thin layers cannot be produced by traditional lamination processes.

To read more see the full press release here Intrinsiq Novacentrix Press Release – 7 May 2017

28th April 2017

Dr. Michael Carmody of Intrinsiq Materials will now be Speaking at FLEX 2017 Monterey Peninsula on California’s Pacific coastline on Wednesday 21st June 2017, Session 12 Conductors II, on the topic of; Advancements in Printing Nano Copper and Using Existing Copper Based Manufacturing Processes.

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8th March 2017

Dr. Tom Wildsmith will be speaking on

Working with Innovate UK and Metamaterials

Industrial Application of Metamaterials – A UK Strategy

A KTN Event in partnership with Innovate UK

Metamaterials are artificially structured materials used to control and manipulate light, sound, and many other physical phenomena. The properties of metamaterials are derived both from the inherent properties of their constituent materials, as well as from the geometrical arrangement of those materials. Though there are many structures that qualify as metamaterials, the most common is that of an arrangement of elements whose size and spacing is much smaller relative to the scale of spatial variation of the exciting field.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, Euston Road, London, United Kingdom

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