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Working with Intrinsiq Materials

Partnering with industry and academia is an integral part of Intrinsiq’s business model, enabling faster integration of our products into end user applications, and faster development of new ideas. As such, Intrinsiq continues to develop high-value competitive proposals into various Governmental R&D programmes in the UK, US and across Europe. These programmes regularly win against high levels of competition, showcase Intrinsiq’s expertise, technology, and end use application knowledge.

CI-005 Ink Jet Ink 50ml

Process flow chart of client & Intrinsiq interaction

Services summary

Screen printing CP-005 on a PV silicon wafer

Customising our ink or paste to the client application.

Determining the appropriate printing conditions for the client’s chosen deposition method (such as aerosol, inkjet, screen print, stencil, gravure) in order to enable the use of commercially available systems.

Work with printing equipment manufacturers to validate the ink in their system.

Work with sintering equipment manufacturers to determine the optimum sintering conditions (broadband flash, laser, reducing oven).

Provide demonstrators and prototypes.

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