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Dr Tom Wildsmith will be speaking on Working with Innovate UK and Metamaterials Industrial Application of Metamaterials – A UK Strategy A KTN Event in partnership with Innovate UK Metamaterials are artificially structured materials used to control and manipulate light, sound, and many other physical phenomena. The properties of metamaterials are derived both from the… Read more »

Dr Michael Carmody of Intrinsiq Materials will now be Speaking at FLEX 2017 Monterey Peninsula on California’s Pacific coastline on Wednesday 21st June 2017, Session 12 Conductors II, on the topic of; Advancements in Printing nano Copper and Using Existing Copper Based Manufacturing Processes. For more info please see the official website:  … Read more »

Coated Ultra-Thin Copper on Printed Circuit Laminates

  Intrinsiq is pleased to share the following publications regarding our ultra-thin copper technology: and here:

Intrinsiq Materials Launches LAPS-60 Precision Sintering Systems

Intrinsiq Materials is pleased to introduce and demonstrate our LAPS 60 Precision Sintering System. Capable of rapidly sintering Printed Copper tracks, the LAPS-60 enables Intrinsiq’s customers to create low cost, highly conductive tracks on a variety of media from glass, to paper, and plastic without damaging the substrate. Intrinsiq LAPS laser precision sintering systems launched… Read more »

Sensing inks

Intrinsiq Materials develops the inks for a British project that plans to produce tests that rapidly detect sexually transmitted diseases. Read the Magazine for Organic & Printed Electronics article.