Manufacturing route for large scale OLED lighting panels


OLED systems have been in development for many years and a popular choice for display systems. However the light weight, flexibility and light output also make them an ideal choice for lighting systems in both industry and for the consumer. A big issue is the need for large pixels, and the degradation of performance that can occur due to the need to use ITO which has less conductivity than required. This can lead to varying light output across the light, something that is both noticeable and unacceptable to the end customer.



  • Produce low resistance conductive tracks that could be printed onto the substrate
  • Produce a grid structure to give uniform light output, whilst retaining transparency
  • To identify low cost manufacturing routes



IM developed an ink system with excellent adherence to the substrate. This has been subsequently laser process by our partner ORBOTECH to give 4um track grid structures, with excellent adhesion properties that could be included into a cost effective OLED lighting system. This has potential into other OLED systems, as well as into certain PV and display applications, for example to reduce the reliance on ITO



Inks produced with high performance lines and grids

Ease of integration into conventional systems

Low cost, high volume manufacturing possible