Manufacturing route for ultra high performance LED’s


High performance LED’s lighting systems produce significant heat which require large heat sinks – these require careful design, complicated manufacturing processes and increase cost. One approach is to produce a different substrate; aluminum coated with a high performance ceramic with excellent electrical insulating properties yet with high thermal conductivity, giving a combined substrate/heat sink structure. The issue is then how to mount and cost effectively connect these LEDs



  • Produce low resistance conductive tracks that could be printed onto the ceramic substrate
  • Produce a screen printable paste that would show high adhesion levels
  • To identify low cost manufacturing routes



Intrinsiq developed a paste system with excellent adhesion properties that could be included into a cost effective mounting / connecting system. This has potential into other lower performance LED systems, as well as into certain PV applications



Pastes produced with high performance

Ease of integration into conventional systems

Low cost, high volume manufacturing possible