Electrode pack for advanced disease detection system



The development of antibody based disease detection systems, using RF impedance measurements, by ELISHA, a spin out from Leeds University, has been underway for some years, with significant potential to quantitatively identify a wide range of diseases, such as STD’s, bladder and bowel cancer etc. However significant difficulties were found with existing electrode structures formed using gold screen printed onto glass, in terms of reproducibility and ease of integration in a final product.



  • Produce high performance electrode pack with low electrical resistance
  • Produce high performance electrode pack with minimal effect on the antibody
  • To identify low cost manufacturing routes



IM led a team that has developed a nano copper printed electrodes pack, using initially a screen printed multilayer structure, with high volume options (such as flexo and offset litho) in development, with potential to reduce the cost of the test by an order of magnitude



Approaching quantitative results

Ease of integration

Low cost, high volume manufacturing possible