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Intrinsiq Materials Launches LAPS-60 Precision Sintering Systems

Intrinsiq Materials is pleased to introduce and demonstrate our LAPS 60 Precision Sintering System. Capable of rapidly sintering Printed Copper tracks, the LAPS-60 enables Intrinsiq’s customers to create low cost, highly conductive tracks on a variety of media from glass, to paper, and plastic without damaging the substrate. Intrinsiq LAPS laser precision sintering systems launched… Read more »

Manufacturing route for large scale OLED lighting panels

Situation OLED systems have been in development for many years and a popular choice for display systems. However the light weight, flexibility and light output also make them an ideal choice for lighting systems in both industry and for the consumer. A big issue is the need for large pixels, and the degradation of performance… Read more »

Sensing inks

Intrinsiq Materials develops the inks for a British project that plans to produce tests that rapidly detect sexually transmitted diseases. Read the Magazine for Organic & Printed Electronics article.


Intrinsiq Materials introduces ground breaking packaging, via fill technology,  ultra thin copper foils and laminates. Visit our booth at IPC APEX EXPO 2016