Our Customers

More than anything, we value the relationships we’ve built with our partners and customers. Our business rests on our ability to help them achieve their goals.

We’ve worked with more than 100 companies, and that list is still growing. Our customers are among the most respected names in electronics and material science worldwide, and include small high-potential start-ups, universities, Fortune 500 companies, and national research centers. In order to help them do their business better, our talented team of scientists focuses on understanding their needs and providing them with customized solutions to their problems and the means by which to innovate. It is our goal to provide the best possible technical solution, at an advantaged cost, while maximizing the ease of integration.

To provide easily adoptable solutions, we ensure our materials are compatible with standard equipment and processes. We work directly with equipment manufacturers and have long-standing relationships with process and line equipment vendors.


PVI engaged Intrinsiq Materials to provide copper ink for our automotive sensor printed circuit board. Intrinsiq proved to be a valuable partner, working with us to provide a functionally excellent product that met our technical needs and response time requirements. As a result, we expect our manufacturing cost to be reduced significantly in comparison to the traditional process, and that we will obtain additional market share. We believe this trendsetting product will have significant impact on the market.

– Dr. Pufinji Obene, Operations Director, PVI


NTC-Weiz have been working with Intrinsiq Materials since 2011. Their novel nanocopper-based ink technology shows huge potential for the emerging printed electronics industry, as does their LAPS precision laser sintering technology, which we are using routinely.  We see Intrinsiq as a valuable long term strategic partner in the on-going development of printed electronics.

– Prof. Emil List-Kratochvil, CEO, NTC-Weiz, Austria


LORD has worked with Intrinsiq Materials Ltd. since 2011 and sees Intrinsiq Materials as an excellent partner and innovator in the field of electronic materials and particularly the emerging market for printed electronics.

– Dr. Terry Kearns,  LORD Corp.