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Plasma synthesis of nano-materials

Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company and recognized leader in the field of nanomaterial technology, developed over two decades originally for the UK Ministry of Defense, by the UK’s largest independent science and technology company, QinetiQ.

Intrinsiq became a standalone company in 2007, providing low-cost nanoparticle based copper ink and paste for the emerging printed electronics industry, as well as other nanoparticle based solutions including nanophosphors and thermoelectric materials for a wide variety of applications.

Company capabilities

Intrinsiq’s core competencies include nanoparticle manufacture, particle functionalization, dispersion and ink formulation, as well as laser and other sintering techniques. Intrinsiq bring their extensive knowledge to the application of conductive nanocopper based inks and other specialised inks and pastes to printed electronics, including Microelectronics, Automotive, Display, Security, Defence, Lighting and PV.

Intrinsiq has facilities in Europe and the US. In Europe, Intrinsiq is located in Farnborough UK, 30 minutes west of London, near Heathrow Airport. As well as extensive manufacturing, laboratory and testing facilities, staff of highly qualified engineers and scientists work on Government, EU and commercially funded collaborative programmes with some of the world’s best known companies.

The US operation is located in the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY. This facility houses formulation, printing and sintering capabilities and allows for additional production scaling.

Intrinsiq aims to provide a collaborative environment, working closely and in confidence with our partners and customers to provide optimized, low cost printed copper solutions for their application requirements.

   Printed RFID tag E42 on paper

What do we do

Printed copper conductors on PET

Intrinsiq works closely with its customers to provide low cost, optimized and tailored solutions for their specific application requirements.

From simple Proof of Concept (PoC) studies all the way through to substantial programmes defined by collaborative, or joint development agreements, Intrinsiq can provide client support from product concept to commercialisation.

Intrinsiq customers are among the most respected names in electronics and material science worldwide, including start-ups, universities, SMEs, Fortune 500 multinationals and national research institutes.

Intrinsiq’s conductive copper inks for printed electronics applications typically cover display, touch screen, automotive electronics, medical diagnostics, PV, RFID, and others. Intrinsiq’s phosphors are typically aimed at security, UV protection, and PV efficiency enhancement, whereas thermoelectric materials are aimed primarily at the automotive sector, converting waste heat to electrical power. In every case, Intrinsiq aims to offer their customers lower cost, higher performance, environmentally friendly materials and processes.

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