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Intrinsiq Materials is a recognized leader in making nanomaterials and creating conductive inks and pastes, primarily for electronic applications.
Conductive Copper inks and pastes are available or under development which allow a wide range of deposition and sintering options.
Expertise includes material formulation and process development (dispensing, drying, sintering, and other post processes) related to conductive Copper Inks and Pastes, as well as Nickel Silicide and thermoelectrics.
Development projects include working with the latest dispensing processes, new sintering processes, improving functionality on low-temperature substrates and thermoplastics, creating conductive microvias in glass and plastics, and development of phosphors, Ni, Ni-iron, Si, other nano and micro related materials.
Markets being addressed include applications in microelectronics, solar, mobile devices, automotive, semiconductor, medical, aerospace and consumer electronics.